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  • 类脑算法

    Modeling Brain-like Association Among focal Visual Objects by a Bipartite Mesh

    A Lightweight Classifier on Facial Expression Recognition based on an Evolutionary SVM Swarm

    Modelling the impact of social comparison to student engagement in an artificial society

    Identifying the Semantics of Collective Motion by Proximity Sensors and Non-negative Matrix Factorization

    F㎡u-Net: Face Morphological Multi-branch Network for Makeup-invariant Face Verification.

    Sketch-BERT: Learning Sketch Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers by …

    Neural Pose Transfer by Spatially Adaptive Instance Normalization.

    Instance Credibility Inference for Few-Shot Learning.

    Feature Deformation Meta-Networks in Image Captioning of Novel Objects.

    A High Throughput B+tree for SIMD architectures,IEEE Transaction on Parallel and…

    Modeling the Impact of Social Comparison on Student Engagement by the Equity Theory

    Incorporating the Confusion Effect into the Simulated Evolution of Crowded Selfish Herds

    More with Less – Deriving More Translation Rules with Less Training Data for DBTs Using Parameterization

    DeepSFM: Structure From Motion Via Deep Bundle Adjustment

    Is normalization indispensable for training deep neural networks?

    DessiLBI: Exploring Structural Sparsity of Deep Networks via Differential Inclusion Paths

    Zero-Shot Chinese Character Recognition with Stroke-Level Decomposition

    Learning Compositional Representation for 4D Captures with Neural ODE

    Learning Dynamic Alignment via Meta-filter for Few-shot Learning

    Delving into Data: Effectively Substitute Training for Black-box Attack

    Delving into Data: Effectively Substitute Training for Black-box Attack

    Learning a Few-shot Embedding Model with Contrastive Learning

    Pixel2Mesh: 3D Mesh Model Generation via Image Guided Deformation

  • 脉冲神经网络

    An Autonomous Error-Tolerant Architecture Featuring Self-reparation for Convolutional Neural Networks

    Base-Reconfigurable Segmented Logarithmic Quantization and Hardware Design for Deep Neural Networks

    A Memory-Efficient CNN Accelerator Using Segmented Logarithmic Quantization and Multi-Cluster Architecture

    Graph-Based Spatio-Temporal Backpropagation for Training Spiking Neural Networks

    A Memristor Model with Concise Window Function for Spiking Brain-Inspired Computation

    An Ultra-Low Latency Multicast Router for Large-Scale Multi-Chip Neuromorphic Processing

  • 存内计算

    Distributed Progressive Formation Control with One-Way Communication for Multi-Agent Systems…

    The novel low-space and low power consumption hybrid memory scheme for storing neural network training data.

    BIST-based Fault Diagnosis for PCM with Enhanced Test Scheme and Fault-Free Region Finding Algorithm, TVLSI

    An Ultra-Low Quiescent Current Resistor-less Power On Reset Circuit

    A self-start circuit with asymmetric inductors reconfigurable technology for dual-output…

    Self-aware distributed deep learning framework for heterogeneous IoT edge devices

    Design Framework for SRAM-Based Computing-In-Memory Edge CNN Accelerators

  • 智能模组

    UWB-Based Localization for Multi-UAV Systems and Collaborative Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems: a Survey

    A Novel Attack Detection Scheme for the Industrial Internet of Things Using a Lightweight Random Neural Network…

    Energy-Aware Workload Allocation for Distributed Deep Neural Networks in Edge-Cloud Continuum,

    A wearable hand rehabilitation system with soft gloves

    Soft Exoskeleton Glove for Hand Assistance Based on Human-machine Interaction and Machine Learning

    DRaNN A Deep Random Neural Network Model for Intrusion Detection in Industrial IoT

    Thermal-Cycling-aware Dynamic Reliability Management in Many-Core System-on-Chip

    Lossless Compression Techniques in Edge Computing for Mission-Critical Applications in the IoT

    A blockchain-based architecture for secure and trustworthy operations in the industrial Internet of Things

    Enabling on-device classification of ECG with compressed learning for health IoT

    A FPGA-based Hardware Accelerator for Bayesian Confidence Propagation Neural Network

    IEEE 1588 for Clock Synchronization in Industrial IoT and Related Applications:A Review …